Valvoline Engine Armour Engine Oil 10W-40 5 Litre


With over 150 years of experience, more than any other motor oil company, Valvoline is a brand you can certainly trust with the health of your motor vehicle. Specifically formulated to minimise engine wear, Valvoline Engine Armour 10W-40 engine oil maintians your engine with an exclusive additive package engineered to protect your vehicles engine from the first start. Engine Armour 10W-40 is suitable for most petrol and diesel passenger vehicles, operating in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms that require API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4 or earlier 10W-40 specification oils are used. Valvoline Engine Armour 10W-40 is a great choice for any regularly driven commuter, and offers great value for money over other available oils.

  • 5 Litre, 10W-40, API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4.
  • Premium quality semi synthetic engine oil suitable for a range of petrol and light duty diesel vehicles
  • Meets and exceeds applications where API SN/CF and ACEA A3/B4 oils are recommended
  • Valvoline exclusive Chemaloy® additive package helps keep your engine cleaner, and protect your vital components from wear at start-up
  • Viscosity and thermal breakdown protections keep your oil flowing smoothly in high intensity situations
  • Enhanced viscosity control maintains engine oil specification for the life of the oil
  • Offers enhanced deposit control and corrosion resistant for improved engine and oil cleanliness
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