Autoglym Polar Blaster Cannon


Polar Blaster is a unique foam gun designed to work in harmony with all Polar Series products, providing the speediest way to safely pre-wash, wash and protect your vehicle. Polar Blaster creates lashings of thick, clingy foam with Polar Blast, optimises the density required to e ciently deep clean with Polar Wash and produces the perfect consistency to apply the hyper-hydrophobic Polar Seal in seconds. The adjustable spray pattern allows you to easily follow your car’s contours, ensuring total coverage and appropriate dwell time on mud, tra c film and other contaminants. Complete a full exterior car care routine in a way that is quick, fun and safe to your car’s surfaces.

  • Designed to work in harmony with all Autoglym Polar Series products
  • Speedy and safe way to pre-wash, wash and protect your vehicle
  • Adjustable spray pattern allows you to evenly coat your cars contours
  • Adjustable foam thickness lets you choose the concentration of your spray depending on what product you’re using
  • Includes adaptors for use with most Karcher and Gerni pressure washers
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